Water Quality Geographical Information System Internship

Job Location: Montgomery County
Intern/ Coop

The GIS Internship on the Strategy & Engagement, Transit and Sustainability Team (SETS) will provide basic level GIS editing and computational analysis experience in four project areas:
1. Support for the Regional Active Transportation Plan development process, including analysis of non-motorized infrastructure, digitizing public input and analysis of proposed Active Transportation Projects.
2. Designing and creating GIS geodatabase(s) to assist one or more public health districts with existing home sewage treatment system (HSTS) data, transferring into a geographically referenced data set. The completed dataset to be provided to Ohio EPA and the participating health district.
3. Supporting ongoing maintenance of the MVRPC Areawide Water Quality Management Plan for the Miami Valley, including processes for establishment of new or modification of existing wastewater facility planning areas, and weekly PTI reviews.
4. Support for MVRPC’s participation in the statewide Sewered Area Data Collection project, to include collection of sanitary sewer line data, and analysis and visualization of that data for sharing with Ohio EPA.

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