Zoning Director

Job Location: Montgomery County
1-3 years

Jefferson Township is seeking to fill the position of Zoning Director. The Jefferson Township Zoning Director is hired by the Board of Trustees. As such the Zoning Director works under the direction of the Township Trustee over Zoning and enforces the Zoning Resolution, Property Maintenance Code, and Nuisance Abatement Resolution; works with the public to process zoning complaints, applications and appeals; staffs the Zoning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals: issues nuisance citations and staffs nuisance hearings before the Board of Trustees; responsible for maintaining all files and other administrative procedures relating to zoning and nuisance cases; and manages demolition contracts.

Essential Duties
  • Reviews permit applications and issues zoning permits
  • Schedules, attends and conducts Zoning Commission meetings
  • Schedules, attends and conducts Board of Zoning Appeals meetings
  • Schedules, attends and conducts Nuisance Hearings at Board of Trustee Work Sessions
  • Investigates zoning and nuisance complaints and issues citations where appropriate, properly documents the case
  • Maintains a file and list of properties which should be demolished and submits a CDBG and/or NSP application to Montgomery County for demolition funds
  • Has title search completed for all properties proposed for demolition, notifies all parties with a vested Interest in the property of intent to demolish
  • Distribute contractor bid packages, conduct pre-bid conference, review bids, and develop contracts for demolition projects
  • Oversee the securing of vacant unsecured structures
  • Oversee the removal of junk and unlicensed vehicles
  • Coordinate the enforcement of dumping issues with the appropriate agencies
  • Properly prepare court cases for those zoning and nuisances issues cited into court
  • Properly file the appropriate documents in the clerk’s office for Area 1 Court and log information into the Court’s journal
  • Appear in court as required, give testimony on behalf of the township, and preserve all evidence
  • Draft and propose amendments to the zoning regulations as appropriate
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